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Duckback Raincoat

The origin of the brand name "Duckback" comes from the phrase, 'Water Off a Duck's Back' which is related to the fact that duck feathers are coated in special oil that repels water which means water literally roll off their backs and so water can't get through them, keeping them dry & warm. Just like how water droplets quite literally roll off of ducks' backs, Duckback raincoats keeps water off of people and are designed to keep us dry during the heavy downpour.

The best way to stay dry in rainy season is to wear a waterproof raincoat, the one in which the outer layer of fabric is a durable water-repellent coating, usually made from a fluoropolymer, prevents water from saturating the material.

If you planning to buy a raincoat, you could find a large variety of raincoats available in markets these days found in various colours, quality, styles, fabrics for people of every age and gender. The designing done with the aid of computers in modern days, offers variety of designs in rainwear.

Duckback Rainwear


Duck back Raincoats

The manufacturing process of raincoats involves ordering for the raw material or the fabric, designing the raincoat, cutting the fabric and stitching it up. Duckback raincoats are machine-made garments which are manufactured using computerized manufacturing system. Here machines are controlled and governed by the computer systems. Waterproofing of the fabric is the first and foremost procedure in making raincoat. In of all, the fabrics to be used goes in between through many rollers and are mostly dipped into chemicals that would make the fabric waterproof. When the fabrics have soaked the chemicals completely, they are removed from the container and further are passed through heating procedure, which makes the absorption even. After this process, again the fabrics are transferred through different type of rollers and are later cooled down which makes the waterproofing chemicals to permanently stick to the fabric. This yarn of treated fabrics is once again rolled into bolts and is passed on to raincoat manufacturers. The raw materials for making the raincoats are cut down into appropriate patterns of different sizes to be made with the cutter that is either electrical or computer operated.

Thereafter the lining is placed inside the desired stitched part like collars, caps, pockets, etc, and then passed through fusing machine, which uses heat to put the lining properly into the fabric. Later, different parts of the raincoats are sewn together by the industrial sewing machines. The button holes are made on the raincoats and buttons are sewed, this process is done through automatic machines. Quality inspection of the final product is handled by quality control inspector to ensure raincoats without any defects. Finally, after inspection tags are attached by the worker on the raincoats and are packed in poly-bags using automatic bagger machines. Vinyl, cotton and polyester are the most common types of fabrics used for making raincoats. Nylon, wool, wool gabardine and microfibres are also used for the same and they could be used in a blended form also.

If you planning to buy a raincoat, you could find a large variety of raincoats available in markets these days found in various colours, quality, styles, fabrics for people of every age and gender. The designing done with the aid of computers in modern days, offers variety of designs in rainwear.

Duckback India

Duckback raincoats are comfortable rainwear for the monsoons that are strictly waterproof and comes with cloth cover and attached cap at the back with zipper closure type. Duckback is one of the top brands for rainwear in India which deals in raincoats, rainwear, air pillow, gumboots, waterbed etc. All our products are available in bulk for wholesale prices. Some of the Duckback raincoat models include duckback 667, duckback rider, duckback diplomat, duckback champ coat, duckback champ DX coat, duckback ride NV, duckback ride DX, duckback president and so on. Duckback rainwear are 100% Water Proof with imported nylon fabric, original YKK Zipper at the centre with double flap protection. The material is mostly made from high quality polyester fabric.

Duckback rainwear are one of the best when it comes to breathability & quick-drying qualities as the air-flow circulation make you feel comfortable. We make sure that you stay as dry as possible to avoid hypothermia in rainy conditions. Duckback reversible rainwear is made from double layered polyester fabric. Every joint is sealed with additional leak proof stitching making it 100% waterproof.

Duckback Products

Overlaying flap with snap buttons over zippers prevents water seepage. It also comes with high collars, adjustable hood and side pockets with flaps for additional protection. It also has small inner pockets to protect mobile or any other items. The good quality elastics in trousers makes it super comfortable to wear. It has an elastic waistband as the rain pants secure you in place and make it comfortable to wear where as the top jacket comes with an extended adjuster hood to provide complete protection to your head against rain water. It is available with zipper bag for easy storage and can be comfortably carried in your backpack or your bike storage compartment for handy use.

Today's raincoat comes in various artificial and natural fabric blends. Especially microfibres and plastic-coated fibres are the fabrics used for rainwear. The raincoats which are made up of closely knitted fabrics are the best as they are more waterproof. The most important feature of raincoats is that it should have the distinguishable quality of not letting water pass through them i.e. no absorption of water thus keeping the weaver dry during heavy rains. Raincoat that could be worn all year round is also available in the market now a days and such type of raincoats consist of lining that could be removed whenever not in use. There are two types of fabrics used for raincoats- one is the repellent type and second is the absorbent type. Different styles of raincoats are available in the market like ponchos, waxed jackets, mackintoshes, trench-coats and anoraks. Trench-coats are unisex style of raincoats, and mostly the fabric used is cotton and polyester materials to manufacture them.